ねぎ星人や田中星人のノリに立ち返って変な星人を出そうと思って、まず語呂とインスピレーションで”チビ星人”という名前に決めました。 “殻で人間に擬態できる”とか”復讐のために玄野の学校にやってくる”という話はそのあとに膨らませているので、名前やデザインとの繋がりはありません。 デザインもその場のラクガキを基に決めたぐらいのノリですね。


The Short Alien has a unique existence, possessing not only the highest level of fighting prowess, but an incredibly high level of intelligence, as well as abilities of telepathy.  The body is short like a child, and it seems relatively harmless . . . that is, when it’s claws and fangs are not exposed.
In contrast to the way he looks, his punches are so strong that they can easily smash through walls on buildings, and his kick could easily propel a human in a GANTZ suit over ten meters away.
He moves so quickly that he is hard for even humans to trace with their eyes, and as such, cannot be stopped by such weapons as the X-gun.

While the Short Aliens have small vestigial wings on their back, they cannot fly.
While running and dodging attacks, moving between buildings, Kurono developed a strategy of attacking the Short Aliens as they’re in midair, as they become incapable of moving.
However, ultimately, the strategy wound up not working as planned, so Kurono wound up just escaping and fleeing.

As Kurono killed members of their group, so, too, would they exact revenge on Kurono.
They appeared as a fake Nakano in the day time of the real world and killed Kurono’s classmates, who they considered to be members of his group.

The one who stopped the short aliens, the Nakano mimis, was actually Izumi — and this was without even wearing one of the GANTZ suits.
This showed his incredible physical ability, and it wound up being only Izumii and Tae that survived among the classmates.

The Short Aliens can convey messages directly to humans using telepathy, and eventually, those thoughts flow directly to Kurono.
It was overwhelming for Kurono to have them say to him, “You KUrono, are the one who brought the fight to us — you were the instigator, not us — and therefore justice is on our side.”
Kurono still struggled to protect Tae, who became his girlfriend (even of them “seeing each other” was just a punishment and the result of losing a bet with friends.

--- Oku-sensei’s comment:

I was trying to keep up with the quirky fun aliens like the Onion Aliens and the Tanaka Aliens, so I decided to name these guys the Short Aliens (Chibi Seijin), due to what inspired me and what sounded funny, wording-wise.
The story lines of them mimicking humans, and with them attacking Kurono’s school, had nothing to do with their initial design or naming, and were separate unto themselves.
I just started scribbling and drawing stuff randomly, and that’s how I came up with the design.