特徴 つよい・くさい
好きなもの ねぎ、友情
口ぐせ ねぎだけでじゅうぶんです
生息数 2体
住処 アパート(1K)








Onion alien

Notable Features: strong, stinky
Favorite Things: Onions(negi), friendship
Catchphrase: “I’m fine with just onions.”
Number Appearing: 2
Habitat: A one room apartment with kitchen.
It seems that he lives eating just onions.

He’s an alien, living with his parents(?) in a residential area of Ichinomiya.
They’re pretty much just normal, and would otherwise do no real harm to humans, being as they’re just some people living an apartment.
Onion Alien’s staple food is onions, and he can derive any and all necessary nutrients for survival from eating only onions.
Second only to his life are the protection of onions; if he produces this, that’s a sign of his surrender.
He has no real weaknesses and is in fact quite tough, but you can still hurt him were you to attack with something really powerful.

Onion alien, Jr.

He’s usually good-natured and gentle; even if he’s harassed or otherwise bothered, it’s rare to see him get upset.
However, if he is upset, he releases a stinky onion juice warning. If he further gets harassed or cornered, steam comes out of his ears, and he attacks with retractable claws.

Big Onion alien

With a body harder than steel, it’d likely injure any human that tried to punch or head butt him.
Additionally, the muscles are incredibly well-developed, 10 times stronger than humans, and can run 5 times faster.
With such power, he can mince humans like nothing with his razor sharp claws.
However, he’s not totally heartless: he shows sympathy to his fellow Onions, and when he realized his son (?) was killed, he got extremely pissed off, showing incredibly sad expressions, and went out, seeking revenge.

--- Oku-sensei’s comment:

The story itself might become completely simplistic or mundane if an all-too-common, monster-like alien just show up, and that was what they were fighting.
So, I came up with the Onion Alien, a character who could, in some cases, bring discord amongst those that defeat them, causing sympathy with the aliens, and create further discord once everyone was back in the GANTZ room.
Just bullying and killing the smaller one wouldn’t be any sort of a battle, so I added a stronger one, the Big Onion Alien. I wanted the name to be original but at the same time broad, and voila” the “Onion Alien.”