西 丈一郎









Nishi’s mother committed suicide following finding out about her husband’s affair, and Nishi decided to follow his mother by taking a last dive out of their condo, in a tall building.

His tactic during fights is simple: Stealthily hide.
He utilizes this, and is able to escape from all battles unharmed, meanwhile racking up the points he didn’t deserve for being a non-contributor.
He’d been using this exact strategy since over a year before Kurono and Kato were teleported to the GANTZ room.  Given his comment on the the “catastrophe,” Nishi seems to have pretty profound knowledge about GANTZ.

Nishi was once telling to his dad,
“Laws are nothing but something made by humans; if I had all the power in the world, all of those laws would become completely pointless!”
In a way, along with the
he tried to be one of the most influential people in the world.

His once very isolated and unique way of thinking would later develop into something so influential that it might shake the very world with its importance.

However, there are also many scenes showing his usually hidden kindness, springing from deep down inside his heart, such as helping a schoolgirl who had some feelings for him.

--- Oku-sensei’s comment:

This is a character who I wanted to possess some information about the GANTZ — that only he knew — and I knew I wanted someone like this from the beginning.
I knew if I made him feel like a real junior high school student that somehow could exceed the ability of an actual junior high school student, that this character would really take off well!