坂田 研三




一方で時折、ドライになりきれない “いい人”の面も垣間見える。




Notably, encountering the “Shinjuku Massacre” by accident, he stood up to Izumi to prevent his rampage; unfortunately, as bravely as he fought, and stopping as many bullets as he could using his “ability,” it simply wasn’t enough, and he succumbed to the gunfire.

Personally, he feels he resembles Kimutaku a little bit, as well.

It seemed that he wanted to bestow his “ability” to Sakurai, following meeting him on a blog where he mentioned that he was going to be committing suicide, the reason being is that he also experienced bullying and had considered suicide before.
Summarily, it was as if he projected himself on Sakurai, and was willing to save him. Sakata also mentioned that his “ability” was bestowed upon him by a person — or someone, at least.

After Sakata gave his “gift” to Sakurai, he encouraged him to go and kill all those who had bullied him.
Maybe it’s just that Sakata was looking for “allies,” who he thought were living on the “same side of the world” as him.

At the core of his personality, coldness and gentleness are both able to somehow coexist in harmony; he’s cold enough that the can think and rationalize, “It’s natural to want to kill others who would corner and bully someone to the point they want to commit suicide,” and he doesn’t get upset by his friends’ deaths in battles, and can analyze and respond to the situation in a calm manner.
In contrast, when he has seen a person’s good side, he finds it impossible to be cold to them, and treated them with anything but consideration and warmth.
  Sakata did stand up to the massacre criminal, Izumi, and was moved by Sakurai’s unbridled and sometimes violent sense of preserving justice, but was able to read the fight and suspected a loss, and therefore left Sakurai and the scene of the massacre.
He later joined the Kappe Alien mission, and utilized his ability; he was later able to pass along to Sakurai how to use this ability, so that he might continue to use it to help those less skilled in combat who become involved in battle.

--- Oku-sensei’s comment:

I had a little fun with this, just like I did when I was naming Kaze; as Sakata is a mentor of Sakurai, he became Sakata-shisho (mentor) and there’s a famous comedian who goes by this name, too.
When I drew him, it was just with the feeling, “I guess this works,” and then I realized that the hairstyle resembled Kimutaku a little, so I thought that worked and just left it.
As for his innerself, it’s safe to say that he has been slowly-but-surely influenced by Sakurai’s pure sense of justice.