桜丘 聖









Right after receiving her driver’s license, she headed out on a motorcycle and rode a little too fast on the hills; she couldn’t successfully negotiate a curve, and shot off a cliff, perishing in the process.
She was subsequently teleported to the GANTZ room.

“Maybe if I beat that guy, he’ll wind up finding me a little more attractive?”

While Sei might come across as tough and unapproachable, her maternal instincts become immediately evident when she encounters a crying young man.
She finally realized the meaning of life — her life — in this completely surreal situation of being teleported from her accident to the GANTZ room, by seeing Kurono shed tears; it was at this moment that her existence was affirmed within herself.
She begrudgingly accepted Kurono’s presence at first, but things evolved and she wound up becoming Kurono’s first sexual experience.
Even though Kurono never wound up falling in love with her, she still found on and bravely fought to protect him.

Her first mission was the insane battle with Violent Alien and Tempered Alien at Ratei-temple.
While Kishimoto was facing her imminent death, Sei’s inner superhuman potential and strength really shone through as she crashed herself into a group of Buddha Statue Aliens, obliterating them, and saving Kurono.
She’s truly a devoted woman; she do whatever it takes, come hell or high water, to save those she loves.

Sei caused a critical amount of damage to the Thousand-Armed Kannon Alien, which stopped the Alien’s Regeneration ability, fighting off its strong acid attacks the whole time.
She was certain that she’d be victorious and she and Kurono would live to see another day, but was pierced by a high-energy laser attack just a moment sooner, and died.
Had Sei not suppressed the Regenerative ability of the alien, Kurono and the other members might have been killed off; they truly owed her and she was a hero.

---- Oku-sensei’s comment:

After watching a trailer of Tomb Raider, I thought that Angelina Jolie was really cool, and even put up a poster of hers in my room.
Even though I could only think, “The hell did I just watch?” after I saw the movie, I was inspired to make a similar character.
Initially, I wasn’t pouring too much into Sei, but she wound up ultimately becoming quite an important character.