鈴木 良一








While walking around the south exist of Shinjuku station, he randomly encountered Izumi laying headlong in to the beginning of his massacre.
He had no idea what was happening, caught a bullet to the head, and later woke up in the GANTZ room.

He helped Kurono — who was in deep trouble having forgotten his GANTZ suit, which later led to him understanding what he’d need to do in order to survive; his own kindness toward others wound up helping him survive, himself.
Suzuki fought alongside Kurono in the first mission, and it was he that saw in Kurono the innate talent to lead others, and helped that skill to blossom into something special.
He fought the dinosaurs, once again cooperating with Kurono, and showed an extreme amount of adaptability in the battlefield. And, when Kurono was struggling by himself to fight off the last of some enemies, Suzuki asked Izumi for help without hesitation.
He’s truly a man who can make hard decisions and execute those decisions in order to help and save others.

Following the end of the Kappe Alien Mission, an invasion of Vampires began.
Ultimately, about to be beaten down by incredible odds, Suzuki just remembered Kurono who continued to fight alone in order to save everyone.
Attacks by these powerful vampires left him critically injured, near mortally wounded. BUT . . .

Suzuki stood there before the precipice of death, and in that instant, was reunited with his wife, who he loved so much, and was given the courage to keep on living by her words.
At the last second, the GANTZ teleported him, and Suzuki was able to see the sincere tears rolling down the face of Kurono, since Suzuki had returned alive.
Seeing Kurono like that, he realize that the importance of friendship, and how it can easily span generations.

--- Oku-sensei’s comment:

During the Kappe Alien Story, I was planning on having an otherwise-unreliable character play an active role — someone who’d wind up saving others and themselves through those deeds. So, certainly, Suzuki fills this bill.
However, he looks much different than when I first started drawing the character; maybe it’s just that the character itself grew, and my art reflected the growth in the character.
He’s come to be a character that readers really hope does not get killed off!