(1-6話:原作 奥浩哉 作画:イイヅカケイタ 7話以降:原案:奥浩哉 脚本:大崎知仁 作画:イイヅカケイタ)






── 生徒たちが目覚めると、そこは薄暗い見知らぬ木造の校舎。


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「GANTZ:G」集英社文庫コミック版 1&2


「GANTZ:G」集英社文庫コミック版 1 (定価:本体600円+税)

「GANTZ:G」集英社文庫コミック版 2 (定価:本体600円+税)

Now beginning serialization in Miracle Jump!
A new GANTZ ― GANTZ:G, straight from the creator himself, Hiroya Oku!

1 A spin-off of GANTZ, “GANTZ:G” began serialization on Miracle Jump in November 2015.
(1 - 6 stories: Author/Concept: Hiroya Oku. Art: Keita Iizuka)

Under Hiroya Oku’s concept “I want to draw the everyday life of fighters", the new “GANTZ world” of heroines is described.
The incredible art is Keita Iizuka, an artist praised for his ability in creating Sci-Fi art.

【Episode 2】

The students were all surprised to find that they had been teleported to, of all places, a zoo!
Disregarding the advice of two mysterious strangers, who said, “You’re going to die if you go that way!” the teachers and students went that way anyway, and one-after-another, their heads explode, a cavalcade of death.
Only Naiki heeded their warning and sensed the danger, and evacuated himself and Kei to the inner area, finally realizing that there was no way to escape from the game.

【Episode 1】

On a late afternoon sometime in 2005, a bus carrying high school students speeds down the highway; the students inside are having a great time, hanging out and doing karaoke inside the bus.
As a certain girl, known as Kei-chan, took the mic and began to sing, the bus began to sway and go out of control, suddenly going off a bridge and plummeting . . .

The students awoke to find themselves somehow relocated to what appeared to be a dim and old wooden school. And, at the center of the classroom, a mysterious black sphere sat unmoving upon the floor . . .

Don’t miss out as we raising the curtain on a new era of GANTZ ― GANTZ:G ― and this time there are more characters sent in than ever in the history of the GANTZ franchise!

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1&2 for "GANTZ:G" Shueisha library comics

──Time is 2005. The sudden tragedy which attacked the bus toward the study destination. The black globe which nestles in the elementary school of the deserted house. The mysterious mission that is thrust by existence called "GANTZ." --. where five girls wear a black suit in the body with a certain determination