そうですね…実写版は二宮(和也)さんとか松山(ケンイチ)さんとか、豪華なキャストにたくさん出ていただいて、お祭り感がすごかったですよね。僕の原作をお祭りにしてくれたということで、ありがたい作品でした。それに人間ドラマとしての見応えはすごくありましたよね。ですが 僕の作品を忠実に、より深い部分まで再現できるのは今回の新作だと思います。アクションとかカメラワークとか、いっぱい出てくる星人とか、実写ではできなかった場面も全部できる。いわば、今回の方が濃度が高い…GANTZ濃度が高いですね!!

──GANTZ濃度!? いいですね!

You’ll have about 300% more GANTZ than you can handle!

---- Which parts do you want people to look forward to in watching the new 3DCG movie, GANTZ?
Oku: Action is, at its core, a linking sequence of just that: action. And, even adding in the elements of human drama, it’s designed not to bore the viewer, so if you just want to sit down and space-out, thinking about nothing and just watching the movie, you won’t be disappointed watching it from that angle, either. This is seriously like nothing you’ve ever seen before, not even from Hollywood — and there it is, right in front of you, so I guarantee a good time.  I’m sure though, that I’m probably looking forward to this more than anyone else in the world (laughs).

---- So, we could say that it’s safe to enjoy as straightforward entertainment?
Oku: You could say that, but in a way that you have never seen before.

---- There will probably be quite a few people out there that watched the last live action move of GANTZ. How would you compare this one to that last one?
Oku: Well, the live-action had some major stars like Kazunari Ninomiya, Kenichi Matsuyama and a huge ensemble cast, so it was sort of a party, an onscreen festival of famous people.  I really like the way it turned out, in that regard.  Besides that, as a human drama, it really worked great, didn’t it?  However, I think that this time around, the movie will portray a more authentic representation of the original work, reproduced a little more authentically, perhaps.  So, in a way, the “density” of GANTZ is higher; thicker!

---- The “density” of GANTZ? Right on.
Oku: It’s just denser this time around — you want GANTZ? Then get ready. You’ll have about 300% more GANTZ than you can handle!