20XX/11/17 01:GANTZの謎 / The myth of GANTZ


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REPORT: 01 20XX/11/17 “A Mystery of GANTZ”

A mysterious black sphere called GANTZ and a black group

There’s an urban legend that a group of people wearing black suits, assembled by something called the GANTZ, fight endlessly against enemies called “Aliens.”

On the internet in Japan, topics involving the GANTZ have been increasing lately.
A lot of people have been focusing and paying attention to a website featuring a “black sphere room,” which is most likely just a lame personal website of some insane Sci-Fi junkie.

Does a group dressed in black really exist, or is it just an urban legend?
GANTZ is fascinating — enchanting, really — and draws interest knowing no boundaries, spanning time and generations.

The dead are brought back to life and teleported into a room.

The rumor is also that those dressed in black are dead people — or at least, that they once were.
Like superstitions of Kamikakushi, it’s reported that the dead bodies of the recently deceased disappear suddenly, bodies totally gone.
IT’s also said that they’re teleport to a Black Sphere room, and assembled by the GANTZ.

3D scanning and printing / Life Printing

While this might be considered Sci-Fit talk, getting stuck with ideas like teleportation and time travel, Life Printing might happen if were it possible to divide humans into data and materials, for reassembly.

There is a technology called 3D printing.
It prints a three-dimensional object based on the 3D data by spraying organic ink which instantly coagulates, and by putting on thin layers, one thin layer after another.

So, if the materials that the human body is composed of could properly be converted to data, it might then be possible to take that and gather the data of those who have died and to “teleport” them into a location of one’s choice.

People are now endeavoring to generate organs in the field of “bioprinting,” and you can actually find out more about this by checking it out on the internet.

The newly-passed might even be teleported and printed in the black sphere room, even now . . .

Posted by freelance writer, K.

A 3D Printer, “Fabcafe.” which can create model items in .1mm layers

Laptop shows final confirmation of object to be produced