20XX/3/15 05:人間の尊厳を揺るがす重大な事件 / The serious incident that shake the human dignity.


REPORT:05 20XX/3/15






REPORT:05 20XX/3/15

The serious incident that shake the human dignity.

Terrorist attacks in Shinjuku Makuhari. Casualties of the broad daylight of Kyoko that struck Shinjuku up to 387 people.
I do not know whether writing may be in too shocking incident.
Shinjuku indiscriminate mass slaughter terrorism in the March 15, which was reported as casualties 387 people.
And many, including the police casualties in the terrorist acts by the same day the bombing took place in Makuhari at night (?), And the like.
During even ghastly incident that struck Tokyo high school that occurred on February 1, still fresh in our memory, whether in Japan this year become what on earth.
I have no choice but to feel the disturbing air invisible future.

Incident in February is also obvious coverage regulations, I was thinking to tie the GANTZ room and alien. Terrorism of this Makuhari also, have happened a lot of police officers killed by the weapons of the wreck and the mystery of such buildings, but further large case of the mystery.
Not such as terrorists, are likely to be still "GANTZ" is involved. In addition, it appears to be the situation is serious.

However, when we look at take a close look, genocide there is no trace of the usual supernatural forces of Shinjuku, purely a case by firearms, a large number also witness testimony of the figure of the criminal foreigners.
The culprit has not yet caught, crime statement also not come out for now ... but perhaps this is likely the case by a human.
Here Notably, it points most casualties are often in the case that I've been chasing.
Or presence further frightening than the star who is not you're hushed breath between people, and the spine-chilling thought to.
But personal opinion, but this is a serious incident that shake the human dignity. It not should be allowed, and have felt the wrath of.

Rare incident that Hui Hui of the panda has been protected in the outside garden. This is quite a wide notice and ranked show.
That also suspicious escape panda in good timing, such as to cover the incident.
This is also like the matter of infidelity of the last month of the entertainer, the smell of the disturbance in the information manipulation by the force of something is.
If think that it is directing for but want to provide a salvation news, it is but some of it is in the nice gimmick.