20XX/4/19 06:黒服の暴力団の抗争、その敵とは / Conflicts of gangsters in black clothes and their enemy


REPORT:06 20XX/4/19






REPORT:06 20XX/4/19

Conflicts of gangsters in black clothes and their enemy

Spreading social disorders and the prologue to the further turmoil
Simultaneous attacks by terrorists broke out in Shinjuku and Makuhari last month.
What would become of Japan having a large-scale conflicts between gangsters dressed in black clothes. Demagogic articles can be seen in mass media and SNS.
However assume that even these are just a part of the big “current” centered on the GANTZ and a group of black suits, it makes us imagine the devastating phenomenon which might happen later.
In a certain network that I’m in, it is often said, “The world might be going forward to the final war against some transcendent existence.

Gangsters in black clothes battling with invisible enemies
In recent years in Tokyo, conflicts between big gangs had been seen as dangerous.
However, a group of black clothes different from the monitored gangs by the public security have been developing their violent activities in cities.
It was seen that they were fighting with guns and Japanese swords neglecting the public eyes. It’s been said as a turf war, but the enemies still has not been identified. I heard a high school student was involved in that, but it’s not been reported.

Apart from the matter of violence, there are rumors that the gang of black clothes have abducted civilians, such as young women in the downtown. Also testimony that "was recruited to suspicious seminar to a population of black suit was walking through the town."
Their struggle opponent, it is thought that it is the GANTZ I'm chasing, black suit gang. I degree of destruction of the conflict site is very similar to the incident that has been followed so far. When it comes to the identity of the black clothes, the black clothes come to something besides human.

Something (aliens?) considered to be other than humans might be living within our daily lives more than we think.